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Wine tourism is increasingly being sought out by travelers. But, is the wine industry ready?

When you combine tourism with wine, what do you get?  Well, it’s called “wine tourism”, “vinotourism” or “oenotourism”. It’s an opportunity for both the tourism and wine industries to connect. For this to happen, much of the wine industry may need to think about their businesses differently, as not only producers of wine but how […]

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Wine for wine lovers: Getting to know Bordeaux

Wine study is more than just tasting wine. In this case, they really don’t care if you like it or not, that’s not the point. The point is to understand styles and tastes of different regions. There is tasting but no drinking (yes, you spit it out). This is serious stuff and extremely intensive. Wine school brings together a study of geography, history, climate, viticulture (growing of grapes) and viniculture (wine making). It is incredible how much information there is to know when you start to dig into this. I am excited to share this with you!

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