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People need your wine for the holidays! How to gear up for your biggest sales season

By Mindy Joyce The wine industry as a whole takes this time of year pretty seriously. In October, November & December wine sales generally peak as people prepare for parties, celebrate with holiday dinners and buy gifts. As a wine seller you may want to start by creating a marketing calendar in advance. This can […]

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Virgin Atlantic tells the industry why they are shifting money from advertising to PR and social

2013 is proclaimed “The year of the three screens” at the 2013 ATME Travel Marketing Forecast Today’s ATME (Association of Travel Marketing Executives) Annual Marketing Forecast highlighted some new tactics, and indicates a much more positive year for the industry.   Discussions around “the year of mobile”, a term that has been repeated like a broken record […]

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Biggest Marketing Mistakes: How to revolutionize your business in 2013

Marketing has really changed dramatically over the past few years.  Are you keeping up?  If any of these marketing mistakes resonate with you then now may be a good time to re-evaluate and switch gears.  Companies that are still using old tactics will quickly be left behind, especially those that are targeting millennials and baby […]

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