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Updates from the Amalfi Coast: Six weddings in six days

Every day there seems to be a wedding here. Weddings are a huge deal in Italy and everyone, especially in these small towns seems to get involved. So far we’ve had two weddings at the hotel, seen one in Praiano, one in Ravello, one in Capri and saw another bride in walking down the aisle (well, it was a boat dock) in Nerano. It is certainly a celebration and everyone watches and claps to congratulate the couple.

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Updates from the Amalfi Coast: All about Faith

When I travel I like to avoid the tourist traps. I like to meet the locals, get an insider perspective, go to the best local restaurants and feel like I’m getting the real experience. I decided that on this trip I wanted a local guide – that’s when I found Faith.

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Updates from the Amalfi Coast: A Gourmet’s Guide to Southern Italy

I’m on a quest to try every lemon dish I find while I’m here. Lemons are everywhere here and I’m always interested to see what lemons can be paired with in dishes. For example, I never thought of doing ravioli with lemon. It turns out it is incredible. Of course, you cannot leave the Costiera without trying limoncello. Delicious! I found out today that the quality of limoncello can vary dramatically.

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Updates from the Amalfi Coast: Sorrento

If anyone was looking for an authentic experience there was no way they’d get it in Sorrento. Most of the restaurants cater for British tourists who have already decided what Italian food is, and perhaps would also like some fries on the side. Oh, the Americans were there too. Princess Cruises had just arrived so there were thousands people following their tour leaders with little signs around the town.

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Updates from the Amalfi Coast: Why I love Italy

My hotel, the Grand Hotel Tritone is perched high on a cliff between Positano and Praiano. It is one of the best hotels in the La Costiera for the views of the coastline. The one thing you’ll need to get used is going up and down stairs everywhere, ALL THE TIME. It’s a great workout, but unfortunately for me as a sad New Yorker I am so out of shape that after two days, my legs are now hurting like hell. There are several elevators, but being motivated by how great my legs could look if I take the stairs, I opt for them. Wow, and now I can hardly walk.

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Updates from the Amalfi Coast: A land of boats

Here in la Costiera there is a constant stream of these stunning boats going by. I sit in awe and like to imagine where they are going. Perhaps they are on their way over to Capri, up to Portofino or maybe down to the Greek Islands.

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A coffee lover’s guide to NYC’s best

Zibetto Espresso Bar is the perfect place for a great latte. There are a few insider rules to this place: Don’t ask to get it to go, unless you really have to, and don’t request soy or other types of milk. Oh, and there’s only one size so don’t go asking for a “Grande” or anything related to Starbucks. The coffee here is best drunk at the bar. This is an awesome little pocket of Italy in NYC.

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Uncovering Jamaican history through it’s most recent and significant tourism development: Historic Falmouth

There are some exciting developments currently underway in Jamaica that will have a significant impact on the travel and cruise industry in the next eight months. The developments will not only be a major drawcard for cruise lines and visitors, but will bring to life Jamaica’s rich history and culture, and eventually become a major world-class destination in its own right

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