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Valuable insights for the travel industry: Change your strategy, or else

I’ve spent the past week at what I consider an incredibly valuable “sneak peek” into what’s ahead in the travel industry. The PhoCusWright Conference is a crystal ball of predictions, insights and a reality-check for marketers. Here are my top takeaways from the conference: 1. Change your strategy now, or else Travelers today connect and […]

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More lessons from the Video Bootcamp – Finding a character, and it doesn’t have to be a person

After surviving two days of shooting and editing my first clip we were sent out again armed with our cameras to find our next story. We had 3 hours to find a story, shoot and lay out the clip in Final Cut. After searching for a while I went to Union Square. I chatted with […]

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Never underestimate the power of great storytelling: Online Video Tips and Tricks from the Pros

Online video is a competitive environment. You must hook the viewer from the start and keep them hooked all the way through. If you’ve read my other posts on this you’ll know you only have 10 seconds to get them hooked before 80% of your viewers will stop watching. In the world of online video, […]

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The Good and the Bad: My First Video + 10 More Tips

The bootcamp teachers were ruthless with my first video. The reason I’m showing you is so you too can see what is wrong and why. The main problems with this clip is not being aggressive enough, not following through on the sequences (close up, then wide shot, from the side etc). The assignment was to […]

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“Video is a language – There are rules”: 10 Tips for Shooting Great Video

Sad fact: Most videos fail due to picture quality, sound quality or lack of story There is much more to shooting great video than you think. You have about 10 seconds before 80% of the people that choose to click on your clip will stop watching. In the world of online video, there is no […]

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The Video Production Bootcamp: Travel Channel Style

Buzzing with ideas for my own travel show, (yes, it’s true) I had been secretly wanting to do the Travel Channel Academy (TCA) producer’s course ever since it started. Recently, when I dug into it, I learned that the TCA was canceled when TC was sold to Scripps Networks. After some more digging, I found […]

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10 Startling Facts About Online Video You Should Know

I recently went through an intensive video production “bootcamp”, and finally mastered how to shoot, edit and produce quality clips for the web that will get watched. I had always wanted to produce my own video content and this course was incredible. Of course, I knew online video content was important and that it does, […]

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Restauranteurs Reveal Marketing & PR Secrets at the NYC Wine & Food Festival

Many restaurant are checking Twitter while you are in their restaurant. Michael White (from Marea, on another panel) even mentioned changing a chair when someone complained about it on Twitter during dinner. Many of them see it as a great tool for being able to listen to what your guests are saying.

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Whole Foods: The gold standard for a conscious company

Not only is Whole Foods Market an incredible place to shop, but it’s also an incredible example of a very successful business that is committed to a higher purpose. After doing some more digging, I wanted to share how the company’s philosophy has inspired me to think differently, and give you more insight into this visionary philosophy called “Conscious Capitalism”.

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Everybody wins in the world of community-buying

I can’t think of any other marketing solution that is a bigger “win-win” for customers and businesses than community or group buying.  We’ve been working with BuyWithMe, one of the top community-buying websites, for three months now so it’s easy to forget that many people may not be as familiar with this industry and how […]

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