Don’t forget to remind people to like you

Wine IS Social

I often visit winery tasting rooms and I always love to see wineries, or any location for that matter, remind guests or customers to tell their friends. People do need to be reminded to check in sometimes, and they will check in or post information about your business. Nielsen reports that 70% of people turn to friends and family for advice when making purchasing decisions. It doesn’t have to cost a lot of money to be part of this conversation. Simple things like store front signs and stickers can really help remind people to tell their friends – all of this helps keep your brand top of mind and helps you attract new customers.

I was thrilled to see this at Kunde Family Estate in Sonoma when I visited, and again at Bodegas Torre de Ona in Rioja, Spain.  All over the world brands are embracing social media to help tell their story.  Wine is social and so is travel, and food, dining…basically any kind of location can incorporate simple marketing tactics like this to build word of mouth.  I encourage everyone to think about the consumer touch points of their business and how they can make it easy for their customers to tell their story.

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