Top new apps to watch revealed at New York Tech Meetup

New York’s tech community and entrepreneurs turn out in full force at NYTM

Last night’s New York Tech Meetup reminded me, once again, just how much talent and energy there is in this city of ideas. For these idea-generators, getting up to demo their startup is a chance at success. They’re looking for the tech community to know what they’re doing, get feedback, connect with other innovators and, of course, get funding. As an entrepreneur myself, what inspires me most is that they DO THINGS. They’re not just talkers. Driven by pure talent alone, a vision, and probably quite a few sleepless nights, they make things happen. Most of the time these ideas have been developed with little or no money, and created only over a few days, weeks or months.

No longer is all the hype in “the Valley”. NYC is incubating hundreds of innovative startups to watch. The tech and entrepreneurial community here is thriving. To even get a ticket to NYTM is tricky in itself and they are sold out within minutes. The turn out is huge – over 750 came out last night to watch and support. New York has largest tech meetup in the world with 17,000+ members.

Standouts from last night’s meetup:

The Atavist – I think this will change how we read and interact with digital books. Stories are embedded with information on characters, timelines, maps and video elements. Makes it easy for publishers to make changes. This is far more interactive that online books we see today.

Addieu – Already downloaded this one! The app allows you to connect with someone through all of their social networks at once. Perfect when you meet someone for the first time. It will also remember where you met someone. Syncs Foursquare, Twitter and Facebook all at one time.

And they also developed something special for Shake Shack lovers! Yes, there is an app for that! Their “Shakedown” app will allow you to beat the line.

Readability – I loved this one. How nice would it be to get rid of the clutter in an article? Readability takes away advertising to enable easier reading. With this app you can save content to read later and customize how the content looks with background, font etc. They have recreated the publishing model and instead of surviving on revenue from advertising, publishers can share in the one-time subscription cost ($7) from readers.

Brainscape – This is great for anyone studying anything. Brainscape combines advanced learning science with test questions. Available on iPhone or iPad. The trick to this is that the app learns with you and optimizes space repetition between studying making it easier to memorize information.

MessageParty – This is very interesting. It enables geoblogging at locations. Users can post links, notes and photos at a location and see what others are saying. This could be interesting for the locations and merchants themselves to see what is being posted.

Imup4 – This is a social networking app that helps people to meet up and create plans with their friends. It mines data sources like emails, texts and other places to help you plan meetups with friends.

MeeGenius – I can see this being very popular with parents! The app contains children’s digital books that can be personalized. Parents can make changes to the copy, record their own voice and a personal message to their kids.

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2 Comments on “Top new apps to watch revealed at New York Tech Meetup”

  1. Courtney Colwell April 8, 2011 at 9:04 am #

    Nice review of some cool, new apps. What could you see brands, versus just consumers, adopting?

    • Mindy Joyce April 11, 2011 at 1:55 pm #

      Hi Courtney,
      Thx for your question! I can see brands adopting quite a few of these, either to license the technology or to get more involved on the content side. Most of these startups are at such an early stage right now that it will be interesting to watch them and see how their offering evolves after they build audiences and have enough users to really test out and fine tune their offering. I can see other writers/publishers adopting the technology behind The Atavist. MessageParty will be interesting for merchants and locations to get more involved customers/guests to engage them at the time for other purchases, deals, or in the future to lure them back to the location. MeeGenius could definitely be used by other book publishers and perhaps another licensing situation. I’d be interested to hear your comments on this too.

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