More lessons from the Video Bootcamp – Finding a character, and it doesn’t have to be a person

After surviving two days of shooting and editing my first clip we were sent out again armed with our cameras to find our next story. We had 3 hours to find a story, shoot and lay out the clip in Final Cut. After searching for a while I went to Union Square. I chatted with the vendors at the Farmer’s Market in search of my “main character” – remembering what the bootcamp teachers said: cast the clip, get a main character, tell the story in the most compelling way possible, and it doesn’t have to be about a person….so, after seeing the weirdest mushroom of my life I put together this clip:

The bootcamp teachers again were not exactly complimentary and suggested that the mushroom should be the main character and not the grower, Jim. The lessons I learned: keep it visual, keep it simple, find an interesting visual, focus on a character (and it doesn’t have to be a person) and create a compelling story. Video is ALL about storytelling.

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