The Highlights of the Amalfi Coast: Ravello, Capri and Positano

People ask me what I’ve seen in Italy and where I’d go back to. The Amalfi Coast is a magical place, I would definitely go back without a doubt…now that I know where the best spots are. Here’s where I’d go and why:



A peaceful hill town that is full of luxury accommodations, small alleyways, beautiful gardens, magical restaurants. Perfect for weddings or romantic getaways. Keep in mind this is a very small town and you can’t really drive when you get into the town. You need to leave your car outside the town or take the bus from the town of Amalfi.


Boats in Capri

Capri Town and Anacapri are both stunning and perfect for the traveler that likes the good life, high end brands and people watching. Take the gondola ride up to the top of Anacapri for a fantastic view of the Sorrentine Peninsula, bay of Naples and over to the Amalfi Coast. It is beautiful. The food is incredible, of course. You must try a Caprese sandwich or salad while you’re there – after all the word Caprese actually does comes from Capri!


The Duomo in Positano

Picture-book perfect town on the hill. It attracts a lot of tourists and you will hear a lot of American and Australian accents. Great shopping and restaurants. I recommend staying away from Positano to get the real experience. Positano is more expensive and will mean you will probably spend a lot more time there. Other places are less expensive and you will explore more of the coast’s great restaurants and sights. The Grand Hotel Tritone is a perfect location overlooking the coast. An easy 10 minute water taxi or 15 minute drive will get you to Positano from the hotel. The best of both worlds!

Map of the Amalfi Coast and Capri

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