Updates from the Amalfi Coast: Six weddings in six days

Every day there seems to be a wedding here. Weddings are a huge deal in Italy and everyone, especially in these small towns seems to get involved. So far we’ve had two weddings at the hotel, seen one in Praiano, one in Ravello, one in Capri and saw another bride in walking down the aisle (well, it was a boat dock) in Nerano. It is certainly a celebration and everyone watches and claps to congratulate the couple. After watching so many romantic comedies and wedding movies it certainly feels like it is part of a movie. My favorite was this wedding we say today in the fishing village of Nerano, the entire wedding party was on a boat waiting for the bride. She finally came out to walk down the “aisle” (boat dock) to meet the boat. It’s quite an occasion in these small villages on a wedding day.

Here comes the bride! (Wedding in Nerano)

Ravello has to be the most beautiful place I’ve ever seen for a wedding location. Perched high on a mountain overlooking the coast, Ravello is known as la Cite de la Musica, the city of music, the town hosts a well known music festival every year.

The town has two roman villas, Villa Cimbrone and Villa Rufalo, which are both five star hotels surrounded by incredible gardens and stunning views. They are the only places on the Coast where guests can arrive by helicopter. Villa Cimbrone, would be my pick for a wedding! Just beautiful.

Ravello, city of music


At Villa Cimbrone


Villa Rufalo

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