Get to know and love these apps

I’m always curious to see what iPhone apps people use. I wanted to share 10 apps I use all the time.  (BTW, what did we do before iPhones?)

1. Wine Snob – I am addicted!  This app helps me remember what wines I have tasted so I always have a record of what I like when I’m in the wine store.  When you find a wine you like you can search for it and usually you will find someone else has already loaded it into the app.  I know I am always tasting new wines, either at tasting events, restaurants, bars, parties or at home.  This app makes it so easy to track all of the wine you like, or don’t like. In Wine Snob you can add your own ratings and tasting notes and then annoy all of your friends by posting your note to Facebook or Twitter. I was thrilled to hear that my friends are actually paying attention to my Wine Snob postings and have started to use my recommendations!!

2. Foursquare – If you are not using Foursquare please download it immediately!  You can “check in” to any restaurant, coffee house, cafe or place in cities all around the country.  Once you are logged in you can invite friends and see where they’ve been.  You can also see who goes to the same places you do, and of course, who the “Mayor” is.  Foursquare will also post to Facebook and Twitter if you set it that way and all your friends will know where you are, when you want them to know.  I even use Foursquare to find restaurants when I find myself craving sushi in the middle of Manhattan and I don’t know where to go.  It works every time!  Gowalla is another app that I like and is very similar.  Once Gowalla finds your location it will also list the trips and tours that are nearby.  Both are great apps!

3. Horoscopes – Yes, it is true.  I do have this app.  It is interesting and entertaining when you’re really bored.  It has the usual star sign horoscopes as well as lovescopes and Tarot readings.

4. Hopstop – I could not survive in New York without this app!  Hopstop will find your current location and you enter where you want to get to.  It gives you choices like subway/rail/bus/ferry/walking etc and will find the best route for you to take.  It also takes into account the time of day and any train delays.

5. GPS Drive – If your car doesn’t have a GPS, or if you are renting a Zipcar like me then this will talk you through directions and get you to your destination. Something about the woman’s calm voice is extremely comforting when you are navigating New Jersey’s maze of freeways and crazy directions.  No more printing out directions and almost crashing your car trying to read them.  This is a life saver if you are not familiar with the roads.

6. Flight Track –  Add your future flights and get notified if they are delayed.  Track other flights and you can see where they are in route.  Very handy for travelers of all types.

7.Flixster – Book movie tickets as well as check for upcoming movies.  It will show you which movie theaters closest to you are showing the movies you want to see and what the movie times are.  You can also access your Netflix queue and update it!  Makes seeing movies very spontaneous and easy!

8. Twitterific -There are so many apps that allow you to tweet via phone.  Twitteriffic Premium is great and makes it easy for you to update multiple twitter feeds.  You can only see about 100 tweets at a time but it is very easy to tweet and retweet on the go.

9. Urban Daddy – Have you ever been asked for recommendations and you have no idea where to go?  This app will pick up your location and show you how to get to restaurants that fit your criteria.  You can say who you are with, what type of restaurant you are looking for. I like that it is not just about dates, but business lunches, single brunches, it knows the time, your location and asks you want you want.  Basically a personal concierge.  The layout and design of this app is extremely well done.

10.  Personal Assistant – See all your finances, Netflix, Amazon, AT&T, you name it, you can add it to this app.  You can see everything in once place quickly to remind you of paying bills, the health of your bank accounts etc.  Very, very handy.  I don’t have a personal assistant, (but it sure would be nice) so this is the next best thing!!

I’d love to hear from anyone with app recommendations.  Please add to comments below.

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