Nuggets from NY Tech Meetup – March 2010

Most NY techies convene at NY Tech Meetup (NYTM) at FIT in New York on the first Tuesday of every month.  For $10 you can hear about amazing new tech companies and their incredible ideas.  I usually come away loaded with new sites to visit and buzzing with ideas. This week was no exception.  Last night over 700 people (packed house!) came to see the March demos.

Here are the nuggets:

Pink Dingo – Check out this donations site for 1 click easy donations:

Bellaga – Fashion marketplace for designers to put their latest and greatest in this simple and clean online store.

Bundle – A personal finance site that breaks down spending behaviour.  Data comes from a variety of sources including Citigroup and government info.  Probably not 100% accurate but a nice resource for marketers looking for spending habits.  I liked their visualization tools!

Surphace – widget and “power content” options for bloggers.  Has a network of 225 publications it posts blog links into including TMZ, LA Times etc.

Venmo – a way of exchanging money via text messages.  Like Paypal but everything is done via text message.  This demo was pretty awesome and truly the future for a cashless economy.  Very, very cool. – Has every show and even movies FOR FREE.  Who even needs TV anymore with this!

Crowdfusion – Content management system that powers sites for publishers (TMZ is a client).  Perfect for sites that are heavy with video and other rich content.

Qlipso – Group video sharing site.  Great for presenting video content for businesses in different locations and for general viewing – sports, music etc. No downloads required!   Similar to Skype in that people in the group are present and on web cam or can appear as avatars.

This was an excellent lineup!  If you are not in New York, NYTM also streams each Meetup live on at  7pm ET on the first Tuesday of every month.  Mark your calendars!

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