Sugarfly: Born 1-1-10

Nothing like New Year’s Day to make you feel like change is in the air.  Nothing like the first day of the year to start a company.  That’s when I decided it was time to do something, well, risky, scary but invigorating and exciting.  After a few days, ok a couple of weeks of crushing my brain with possible names Sugarfly was born.  I went through a million names – nothing seemed to really fit, the biggest struggle was how could I find a URL that wasn’t taken or that I could actually afford.  I found out that most URLs are already taken and being held for ransom by random people.  The prices were averaging $3,000 for a decent name.  Geez. How is a girl supposed to be able to afford to start her own business these days!

My breakthrough came when I started to think about symbolism of what I wanted the company to be known for. I went through a list of animal symbols and finally found a description about the butterfly.  The butterfly symbolizes transformation – which is exactly what I wanted to communicate. What I want to do is transform companies through marketing- taking them through the process to help create them into compelling brands that are really meaningful to consumers. When I saw that ‘butterfly’ was so overused on sites I decided to change the word butter to sugar.  This seemed like a good idea and made sense to me when I realized sugar is often used by in food and wine production to improve taste.  Perfect, seeing as I want to specialize in wine and food brands, in addition to travel.  So that was that.

So the update is that the branding is in progress – and looking fabulous I might add!  I will update you soon on the next steps.  We are six weeks into 2010 and things are looking up.  Follow this blog if you are interested in starting a new business, food, wine or travel + I will throw in a few interesting posts to spice things up.

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