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Making “extraordinary” wine? Why you need to talk less about quality and more about your story

Best Practices for Telling your Brand Story By Mindy Joyce You can find high quality wines everywhere these days. On a daily basis the wine consumer is bombarded with options of what to buy, and where to buy it. From the bottle store, to the grocery store; restaurant wine lists to wine websites and offers […]

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Playing with the big boys: Best practices for email marketing

Even with no physical storefront some of the most successful businesses online rely on email marketing to promote products and generate sales. Think of how companies like Amazon, Groupon, Gilt and Zappos use emails to reach out to potential customers with timely and relevant offers. Email marketing can be especially important when you are in […]

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Are you missing out on sales online? Best practices for website shopping carts

Even if you have a great website you could be missing out on sales if your shopping cart is lacking some basic elements. If the main purpose of your website is to sell wine, then you want to make the shopping cart easy to find from the home page. There shouldn’t be any confusion about […]

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Is your website ready for e-commerce? Best practices for website home pages

Is your website setting the best impression for your brand? Don’t forget that someone visiting your site for the first time is no different from a first date. Why wouldn’t you want to look your best? Paying attention to what your website communicates and how you guide the user to buy your wines is not […]

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Mobile websites: An absolute must for tourism & hospitality brands

No one can deny that mobile phone usage is skyrocketing. An astounding 90% of US travelers say they use their mobile phones when vacationing domestically or abroad. This is according to TripAdvisor’s TripBarometer, released last month. The study also revealed that 91% of travelers globally say they use their smartphones on vacation, and most frequently […]

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What the wine industry can learn from the travel industry

The most common term we hear in the wine industry these days is “D to C” (Direct to Consumer) marketing. It is a hot topic because the statistics show it keeps increasing, but more than that –  it is a more attractive channel than traditional distributors because it leads to greater profitability, increased customer loyalty  – […]

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Mastering D to C: What all wineries can all learn from the 2012 Napa Valley Visitor Study

Even if you’re not a winery located in the Napa Valley, it’s worth taking a look at the latest visitor report conducted by Destination Analysts on behalf of Visit Napa Valley.  In 2012 the tourist board commissioned a year-long study to learn more about who is coming to Napa and share important learnings with the […]

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Are celebrity endorsements really worth the expense and headaches?

The risks and rewards of celebrity endorsements for the drinks industry For centuries celebrities and royalty have been used in promotional opportunities to endorse wine and spirits brands.  The drinks industry as a whole is no stranger to spending millions to get celebrities to talk about and publicly consume their brands. But, in today’s world […]

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Virgin Atlantic tells the industry why they are shifting money from advertising to PR and social

2013 is proclaimed “The year of the three screens” at the 2013 ATME Travel Marketing Forecast Today’s ATME (Association of Travel Marketing Executives) Annual Marketing Forecast highlighted some new tactics, and indicates a much more positive year for the industry.   Discussions around “the year of mobile”, a term that has been repeated like a broken record […]

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Biggest Marketing Mistakes: How to revolutionize your business in 2013

Marketing has really changed dramatically over the past few years.  Are you keeping up?  If any of these marketing mistakes resonate with you then now may be a good time to re-evaluate and switch gears.  Companies that are still using old tactics will quickly be left behind, especially those that are targeting millennials and baby […]

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